Thursday, October 6, 2016

Returning Home to Australia

For those who haven't heard, I have some big news!  
  • After 1 year, 8 months since I left Australia...
  • After a total of 29 countries...
  • After travelling approximately 450km by boat, 2,500km by train, 3,000km by car, 11,000km by bus, and 55,000km by air
  • After meeting hundreds of people throughout the world who will forever occupy a special place in my heart...
I have decided to return to Australia!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Top 3 thoughts after returning from travel

Let's start off this with an apology... It's been over five months since my last blog post.  When I stopped backpacking full-time throughout Europe and started work again, I  struggled to figure out how everything fitted together. I still am. Even though things were still new and challenging with moving to London, renting a flat, getting a job etc, after so long travelling it really was a shock to my senses.  I felt like I wasn't doing anything epic enough to blog about.

Full-time travel is such a unique experience and builds on, and often changes, who you really are. Every day you see something new, meet someone you wouldn't otherwise meet, learn something about the world, and learn something about yourself. It seems like such a cliche: quit your job, travel the world, find yourself, and forever be changed.  To a certain extent, I find this to be true. When I was on the road, I viewed the world differently.  I was thinking deeper, I was seeing so much beauty in both the world and the human beings around me and I was learning off every person I met. Everything seemed brighter and things that would normally create stress or worry really weren't such a big issue. Problem solving and making quick decisions for myself became the norm, because lets face it, any mistake I made was entirely my own fault.  Backpacking life is so poor, yet so incredibly rich.

The issue is, however, what happens when you stop travelling?  Rightly or wrongly, these were and still are my top 3 thoughts 6 months after ceasing full-time backpacking.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Top 5 European destinations you should put on your bucket list

After travelling Europe for most of 2015, I have been reflecting on the incredible memories and epic sights I have seen. The most common question a backpacker is asked is "Where is your favourite place?" This is a logical question for a number of probably very cynical reasons: it's interesting, it shouldn't take longer than five minutes, it's potentially useful if the person ever goes, and it is of course great to hear the most positive portion of a person's experience. However, this question is literally impossible to answer and even more difficult in a place like Europe, where in 48 hours you can go from desert ruins, through a famous city of the world and over a mountain range before arriving at the sea. 

The best answer I can provide is my five favourite destinations. While there are a number of factors to how much you enjoy a place, such as how you are feeling, who you are with or who you meet, the weather and your accommodation, I believe these destinations are so magical that it is impossible to not enjoy them. So without further ado, here are five destinations that you should add to your bucket list.