Monday, January 4, 2016

Top 5 European destinations you should put on your bucket list

After travelling Europe for most of 2015, I have been reflecting on the incredible memories and epic sights I have seen. The most common question a backpacker is asked is "Where is your favourite place?" This is a logical question for a number of probably very cynical reasons: it's interesting, it shouldn't take longer than five minutes, it's potentially useful if the person ever goes, and it is of course great to hear the most positive portion of a person's experience. However, this question is literally impossible to answer and even more difficult in a place like Europe, where in 48 hours you can go from desert ruins, through a famous city of the world and over a mountain range before arriving at the sea. 

The best answer I can provide is my five favourite destinations. While there are a number of factors to how much you enjoy a place, such as how you are feeling, who you are with or who you meet, the weather and your accommodation, I believe these destinations are so magical that it is impossible to not enjoy them. So without further ado, here are five destinations that you should add to your bucket list.