Saturday, March 21, 2015

Want to go travelling?

Current work is one of the biggest factors which can deter you from your dreams of travelling. Whether you are worried about money, job security, or letting clients and workmates down, don't let this stop you in your tracks.

In life it is so easy to be zoomed right in on a situation, rather than seeing the big picture. It is important in whatever you are doing to consciously remind yourself to look at the situation as a whole and to stop micro-analyzing things.

Some things to remember are:
  • You are never to old. There will almost always be a way to move things around in order to take actions on your dreams.
  • Your life will still be here when you return.  Everyone else will still be stuck in the grind - do you want to be one of them?
  • Never look at travelling as wasting time or a setback on your future. The things you will see and the things you will learn about yourself is phenomenal and will never be a disadvantage to you.
You might be thinking that this is all easier said than done, so here are some tips to make this process a little easier:
  1. Set yourself up as much as possible before you leave. 
  2. Save money, get your qualification or do a refresher course, have a couple connections back in your home country and in your destination country that you can always contact for work, support, etc.
  1. Be honest with your employer. 
  2. Even though they are in business to make money, your employer has been where you are and understand the decisions you have to make. While they may be disappointed that you are leaving, they genuinely want you to succeed and will support you in your decision.
  1. Don't burn your bridges. 
  2. As much as it would be easy to burn your bridges and disregard your past, you never know what might happen in the future. They might know a potential contact, you might need something, they might need something, etc.
  1. Last but not least, do your research. 
  2. Congratulations on reading this blog, you are on your way! Do as much research as possible about moving overseas, what to do in the country(s) you are visiting, and what kind of work opportunities exist abroad or back in your home country. You can never have too much information in life.
As always, follow your dreams and love life!

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