Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Packing for Backpacking in the European Summer

Having done all the hard stuff - getting a visa, bookings for flights, accommodation and the tour - I thought the easiest part would be packing the bag. Oh how I was wrong!

To start with, packing your bag means that the trip is definitely real and is hurtling toward you whether you are ready or not.  Obviously this is so exciting but can also be quite overwhelming!  

So without further ado, this will be my life for the foreseeable future:

The main items I am taking are:
   - Osprey Porter 65 litre backpack $180
   - Osprey Quasar 30 litre daypack $75
   - 2 x travel shirts, 2 x long sleeve shirt (skivvy), 2 x t-shirts, 1 long sleeve dress shirt.
   - 3 x shorts, 2 x long pants, 1 swimming shorts
   - Kathmandu fleece $70 and Kathmandu rain jacket $140.

Other items of interest are an exercise powerband which I will 'attempt' to use to keep fit, a sleeping sack for warmth but cheaper and smaller than a sleeping bag, and a saucepan/bowl/cup in case I am at a campsite or dodgy hostel.

All up it weighs about 12kg.

If you are travelling overseas yourself and are backpacking around the place, I recommend the following video link which has helped me greatly: The link to part 2 is in the video information.

This is me looking like a crazy tourist - UK and Europe better watch out, that's all I can say :)

Remember to always follow your dreams and love life along the way.  Next post will be from London!


P.S   This is my first blog post from my iPad which is all I will have abroad.  Hopefully it turns out ok.

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