Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Skydiving in The Austrian Alps!

This post is going to be out of order but I couldn't wait to show you this.  The video below is me skydiving over the beautiful Austrian Alps. 

Skydiving has to be one of the best things I have ever done. We had a 15 minute scenic flight over the alps to start with which was absolutely breathtaking.  The mountains were covered in snow, the grass the greenest I have ever seen and the Austrian houses looked stunning.

This jump is from 12,000 ft which gives us between 30 and 40 seconds of freefall.  My tandem instructor holds 6 world records for skydiving so I was definately in good hands.

Hope you enjoy!

As you saw in the video, I highly recommend you give skydiving a go. I can't explain the feeling of jumping out of a plane so all I can say is it is epic!  Surprisingly the only scary part is when you put your legs outside of the plane.  But once you jump, it is just the best feeling in the world. 

Another tick off the bucket list and I can't wait to jump again soon!  I will leave you with this picture, I think it explains itself perfectly. Good luck!

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